Excavation Stability Assessments

A geotechnical engineer is provided on site to identify excavation stability hazards to determine if benching, battering or support systems are required. We can inspect and advise on potential impacts to adjacent structures, the suitability of earthwork methods, impact minimisation strategies and appropriate excavation methods. We take into account and advise on the many factors that may contribute to an unstable excavation.

These factors may include;
• The depth of the excavation
• The nature and condition of the ground
• The zone of influence for traffic & plant operating near the excavation
• Slip planes in the soil and fractures/faults in rocks
• Water content and water seepage
• Nearby in-ground services & proximity of buildings and other structures
• If the ground is level or sloping
This assessment can be used as part of a risk management process in accordance with NSW WorkCover Excavation Work Code of Practice 2015.

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